Comprehensive Personal Defense, LLC

Guiding Principles

Personal safety is an individual responsibility.  Comprehensive Personal Defense is committed to providing a comprehensive offering of training classes designed to prepare individuals for success when it comes to their own personal defense.

Instructor Scott Weamer is a law enforcement officer and instructor with over fifteen years of diverse experience.  Over those fifteen years, Scott has been passionate about preparing police officers to survive violent encounters.  He is now committed to provide quality training to the civilian market, to ensure that his students are prepared (mentally and physically) to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Some of the following principles guide the training that Comprehensive Personal Defense offers:

  • Train like you fight, fight like you train.
  • Practice makes permanent.  Perfect practice makes perfect.
  • At the moment of truth, you will not rise to the will sink to your level of training.
  • The body can't go where the mind has never been.
  • Train to the level of reality.

Join Comprehensive Personal Defense for some quality training, and learn how these guiding principles can help you achieve your goal of ensuring your own personal safety.